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“This pillow has been able to do what devices and medical interventions have not achieved in 10+ years of broken sleep, sleep apnoea, headaches. Within a week of using this pillow my husband doesn’t snore”

- Tracey, Dunedin

“Prior to using the sleep positioner, my snoring would wake my wife and often myself many times during the night. That has not occurred since I started using it – not once!”

- Mike, Hamilton

A week after receiving my pillow I am a total convert. A whole week of uninterrupted sleep for both myself and my husband, am still pinching myself. We should have done this sooner.”

- Tracey, Napier

“I have to say I was sceptical at first and concerned I might have been wasting my money – how wrong was I! My husband says he hasn’t heard me snoring since the first night I used my pillow over a week ago.”

- Robyn, Auckland

The Patney controls snoring by promoting good sleep posture and maintaining an open airway
Your personalised Patney is designed to fit your size and weight, providing a comfortable solution.

Independently clinically proven

The Patney underwent an validation study by the WellSleep Centre - Otago University. This study assessed the effectiveness of the Patney in reducing snoring in a population of snorers and/or mild obstructive sleep apnoea subjects.

The study found that the Patney improved sleep quality, that partners reported less restlessness, less snoring and improved sleep. 80-89% of the partners of the people who completed the study, reported a reduction in their partner’s snoring.

Made purely from sustainable natural latex

Natural latex is weight supporting, temperature neutral and it has breathability to leave the sleeper feeling revitalised and energised for the day ahead. It also provides wonderful levels of comfort and has the following properties:





Dust mite resistant

The Patney's life is 7-10 years under

normal conditions

Patney design and development

It was our founder’s desire to control her snoring that led her to design the Patney. It needed to be effective, non-invasive and it had to be extremely comfortable.

The Patney is customised to the individual’s height and weight and comfortably supports your head, neck, jaw and shoulders, thereby helping sleepers to control their snoring.

30 day money back guarantee 30-night money back guarantee & Free shipping

Patney Sleep Positioner


Patney Sleep Positioner

Scientifically backed Scientifically backed
Individualised to You Individualised to You
100% natural latex 100% natural latex
Product life 7-10 years under normal conditions
Description Fabric Delivery Info
30-day money back guarantee 30-night money back guarantee
Individualised to You Individualised to You
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Shoulder, neck and chest explanations


We understand this is subjective, however people tend to know, if for their height and weight they have narrow, average, broad, very broad-shoulder. This simply gives us an indication of the user's physique when selecting the right Patney for you.


Most people have average necks. But if you know you have a short or long neck, please select this, as this may affect the Patney we select for you.


Deep chested, refers to males who you might call barrel chested or ladies that are big busted.

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