Frances Anderson - Founder of Patney 

You scared the life out of me.

Frances Anderson, the founder of Patney, had suffered from snoring for most of her life and has endured the unspoken look, the sharp comment and the jibes. She experienced the negative effects caused by broken sleep and consequent fatigue. Frances could see the detrimental impact it was having on her health and her family. But it wasn’t until Frances’ husband told her one morning that she had scared the life out of him the night before because she had stopped breathing. This comment meant she was heading for sleep apnoea. She had tried many different anti-snore products including surgery without success, so decided to take things into her own hands. Now Frances is a pretty practical woman. A problem solver, and in her own words ‘pretty determined’, she set out to solve what she called ‘her problem’.

Setting out to solve what others have struggled to do brought together strands from her past. Frances has a love of design and textiles, interwoven with elements from her career of manufacturing, logistics and project management; an ideal grounding for a design-led start-up that would help combat snoring.

What to call her business? Patney was the name the grandchildren gave Frances' mother. It was from her mum that Frances inherited her snoring. Patney became the company.

Fast forward to today, Patney is no longer a dream, it is a reality for controlling snoring.