Latex tapping


Made purely from sustainable natural latex.

The decision to make the Patney from sustainably farmed natural latex was easy. Natural latex is weight supporting, temperature neutral, long-lasting, and it has breathability to leave the sleeper feeling revitalised and energised for the day ahead. It also provides wonderful levels of comfort and has the following properties:

• Anti-bacterial
• Anti-microbial
• Anti-fungal
• Non-allergenic
• Dust mite resistant

We carefully considered where we would source the latex from and we chose a trusted latex foam specialist. We personally observed the whole process, from the tree to the finished product. Patney's latex is sourced from sustainably farmed plantations, where the tree is carefully tapped by hand. We are committed to working sustainably. The world needs more snore free sleep, but not at a cost to the environment and the world we live in.