Patney pillow and the design story


Patney is a design, not an invention.

The iterative design process is a simple concept. It starts by identifying a user need. Then you test the prototype to see whether it meets the need. Then you take what you have learnt from testing and amend the design. Following that, you create a new prototype and begin the process all over again, until you are satisfied that you’ve reached the best possible product for release to the market. Done well, it is a very time consuming and thorough process.

Our premise was very simple for Patney, it was our founder’s desire to control her snoring that led her to design the original Patney prototype. It needed to be effective, non-invasive and it had to be extremely comfortable.

With each iteration of the sleep positioner, we worked to build on the learnings from the version before. Often very subtle improvements increased the effectiveness. The Patney we bring to our customers comfortably supports the head, neck, jaw and shoulders, thereby helping sleepers to control their snoring by:

  • Promoting good sleep posture
  • Supporting an open airway so sleepers can breathe more freely

Our desire to create a product that was extremely comfortable, and enjoyable to sleep on never wavered. Consumer feedback has been very encouraging. As an early user wrote: “I find it extremely comfortable and can sleep peacefully with it."