Patney controls snoring by promoting good sleep posture and maintaining an open airway

photo of man sleeping on his back on Patney sleep positioner pillow-  has an open airway

If you are a back sleeper...

  • Diagram of back sleeper on normal pillow cutting off their airway
  • diagram of side sleeper  positioned correctly on the patney sleep positioner
    Diagram of side sleeper on normal pillow cutting off their airway

Sleeping with Patney

The Patney Sleep Positioner encourages the head and upper chest into the correct position to maintain an open airway and good sleep posture as shown in the diagrams. The shoulder pad elevates the upper chest and shoulders to align and maintain the airway. Sleep on a Patney Sleep Positioner, and you’ll wake up feeling energised for life.

photo of lady sleeping on her side on Patney sleep positioner pillow-  has an open airway

If you are a side sleeper...

  • Diagram of side sleeper on normal pillow cutting off their airway

Your personalised Patney is designed to fit your size and weight, providing a comfortable solution

different sized figures demonstarating the patney sleep positioner pillow is individualised

How to use Patney

Each Patney is customised to support your height and weight, contouring to your body to ensure luxurious comfort throughout the night. The Patney is specially designed to keep your head straight and prevent your chin from dropping, thereby supporting an open airway.

Designed for back and side sleepers:

  • Lay your head directly in the centre of the sweet spot
  • Press your shoulders firmly up against the centre of the curved face of the main body
  • Side sleepers, your jaw should be lying comfortably on top of the main body of the sleep positioner

Independently clinically proven

Snoring affects your health and as such, any claims to effectiveness needed to be validated by authentic, credible sleep research. Early on we committed to having the Patney independently verified.

Once we arrived at a product design that we believed was extremely effective, it underwent an independent validation study by the WellSleep Centre - Otago University. This study, by Senior Lecturer, Dr Angela Campbell, Department of Medicine and Manager WellSleep, assessed the effectiveness of Patney in reducing snoring in a population of snorers and/or mild obstructive sleep apnoea subjects. The subjects were male and female, aged between 42-61 and covered a cross-section of ethnicities and body compositions.

The results were extremely encouraging. The study found that the Patney improved sleep quality, that partners reported less restlessness, less snoring and improved sleep. 89% of people who completed the study reported a reduction in their partner’s snoring.

Credible Sleep Research
Independently Verified
Ground-breaking Design

“These really do work. I’ve had one for a month now and my wife is rapt! I’ve now ordered one for my holiday home as well.” 

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