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Patney Sleep Positioner

Designed to control snoring for those people who sleep on their back or side. It is non-invasive, comfortable and individually customised to support the sleeper’s weight and height. Patney supports the head, neck, jaw and shoulders, thereby promoting an open airway so the user can breathe freely. Made from sustainable natural latex from the rubber tree.


Latex inner – made from 100% sustainable natural latex from the rubber tree.

It is weight supporting, temperature neutral and it has breathability to leave you feeling revitalized and energised for the day ahead. Our latex naturally has the following:

  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-microbial
  • Anti-fungal
  • Non-allergenic
  • Dust mite resistant

Patney covers

Outer cover – especially designed to mould to the contours of the Patney. Made from a knit fabric, the upper surface is tencel for comfort and breathability and under-surface polyester for durability. For ease of laundering the cover is removable. This cover should be used in conjunction with a slip/pillow case.

Inner cover - soft cotton knit cover is not removable. Its purpose is to protect the latex inner.

Patney slip

White 100% Cotton - European slip/pillow case. The beautifully soft 400 thread count Patney Slip is designed to fit the Patney Sleep Positioner and not hinder its effectiveness or comfort.

Delivery Info

New Zealand

We endeavor to dispatch orders daily, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays). In some cases, one of our sleep coaches may need to speak to you directly to determine the best fit, so your order will be dispatched once we’ve spoken to you. 


  • Delivery to North Island major centers is the next day. However, it is better to allow 2-3 days
  • South Island urban centers 2-4 days


  • North Island rural will take between 3-5 days
  • South Island rural between 4-7 days
  • Rural delivery in some areas can be a little unpredictable. Most locals understand the likely timeframe within their area

There are no Saturday, Sunday or public holiday deliveries. When purchasing a Patney or a Patney and slip/s together, shipping is free. If purchasing slips only, there is a shipping charge.


Delivery time to Australia will likely take between 4-10 days depending where you live; urban, a regional center or rural.

Patney Slip

White 100% Cotton European. Buy in 1 or 2 packs. The beautifully soft 400 thread count Patney Slip is designed to perfectly fit the Patney Sleep Positioner and not hinder the effectiveness or comfort of the sleep positioner.

from $30.00
Patney Replacement Cover
Designed to mould to the contours of the Patney pillow. Made from tencel (eucalyptus tree)/polyester, providing both breathability and durability. 
Patney Gift Card

We have a wide range of gift card options available. Give the gift that keeps on giving. Support your family member or friend who suffers from snoring. Let them and their partner enjoy a good nights sleep and wake up feeling fresh.

Gift cards are delivered by email and contain instructions to redeem them at checkout. Our gift cards have no additional processing fees.

from $37.33