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Newstalk ZB’s, Tim Roxborogh, Auckland

“My snoring is so loud that I even wake myself up. For years I've been sleeping with ear-buds in, just to block out the metronomic chainsaw sound I make as soon as I drift off. I don't know how my wife puts up with it! Well, that used to be the case, though things are much better now. While the Patney pillow hasn't cured me completely of my snoring, it's usage in conjunction with a nasal spray has greatly reduced my decibel level. This is much to my relief and my wife's! I can now wake up without such a sore throat and with a feeling of being so much better rested than before I received the pillow.The Patney elevates my head in such a way that is still comfortable, but lessens the vibrations that create the worst of my snoring. We are very grateful!”.