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Gavin Baumberg, Hamilton

With 30-day money back guarantee confidence and recommendation from someone who uses one, my wife gifted me a Patney. Scepticism disappeared after the first night as I woke having not snored and with sleep undisturbed by restlessness and gasping. For the first few nights while I slept soundly my wife was wakeful, thinking that the silence meant that I had stopped breathing! After almost one year my Patney is still 100% effective at controlling my snoring. It is a well-travelled trip companion. My non-snoring wife recently purchased a Patney in order to sleep in a position providing optimum alignment support for breathing freely. Her first positioner felt too hard however she persevered for the recommended time then contacted Frances who exchanged it for a softer one. My wife and I are very satisfied customers. The care and commitment shown by Frances to ensure that Heather’s Patney is the right comfort fit for her is evidence of excellent customer service.