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The snoring problem and the value of a proven solution

The snoring problem and the value of a proven solution

We’ve all heard the joke about the partner who can snore the dust off a lampshade, but for many people, snoring is no joke! If this sounds like you or your partner, then you’ve most like been wondering how to stop snoring while sleeping for quite a while now.

Here at Patney, we know how disruptive snoring can be to your sleep (and your relationships). There is often a strain put on the relationship and embarrassment for the snorer, particularly if sleeping away from home, such as camping or staying with friends. If this sounds familiar to you, read on to learn the intricacies of the snoring problem and discover the value of our proven Patney solution.

The Problems of Snoring: Strain, Sleep Deprivation, & More

Why is it important to find snoring remedies? Well, the rumbling of a Snore Monster can put immense strain on a relationship, and even embarrass the snorer if they’re sleeping away from home. Not to mention, the average noise level of someone snoring is 60 decibels (where normal speech range is from 40 to 60). In fact, particularly loud snorers can reach 90 decibels, a level that could be hazardous to their partner’s hearing!

The Effects of Sleep Deprivation

In our experience, the most common side effect of snoring is the dreaded sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation impacts both the snorer and their partner. Anyone living with a snorer knows only too well how tough it is to get a good night’s sleep without shifting to another room or using earplugs, both of which can drive a wedge into a relationship.

Aside from the mental and emotional strain, sleep deprivation has many health-related side effects, including:

  A diagram demonstrating the effects of sleep deprivation.


Many people who snore and their partners spend hours upon hours scanning Google for the perfect snoring remedy (all the while dealing with poor sleep). From inexpensive nose clips ($10) to expensive CPAC machines ($2000) for people with sleep apnoea, the sheer volume of snoring treatments can be confusing for the uninformed. In fact, it’s common for sufferers to have tried several ineffective options (sometimes including surgery) before finding what they need.

How to Stop Snoring While You’re Sleeping

From experience in the field of snoring, we can tell you that suffers want a few key things out of an anti-snoring device:

  • Scientifically proven. Any product that claims to stop snoring needs to have a scientific basis, as well as a credible seller to back it up.
  • Non-invasive (surgical or otherwise).
  • Comfortable to use. If someone is going to be using it every night, then the product needs to be comfortable enough to introduce into their daily routine!
  • Reasonably priced. If someone can’t access the remedy because the price is too high, then it’s not a good remedy in our opinion!
  • Good value for money. 

A Proven Solution: The Patney Sleep Positioner Pillow

A man smiling while sleeping on the Patney sleep positioner pillow.

The Patney Anti-Snore Pillow ticks all those boxes. It’s not just another pillow (although it may look like one at first glance). The Patney is a cleverly designed sleep positioner pillow that opens the sleeper’s airways to prevent snoring.

Our founder Frances perfected the design over about three years of intensive work and experimentation in Waikato. She saw that she was heading toward serious sleep apnoea, and this pillow was her chance to resolve her snoring once and for all. It’s from this journey that the Patney was born!

Before it was introduced to the market just over two years ago, the Patney Anti-Snore Pillow underwent an independent validation test by the WellSleep Centre at Otago University. Doctor Angela Campbell and Associate Professor Alister Neill assess the pillow’s effectiveness on a population of snorers and/or mild obstructive sleep apnoea subjects.

The study found that:

  • The Patney Pillow improved sleep quality.
  • Bed partners reported less restlessness, less snoring, and improved sleep.
  • 89% of participants’ partners reported a reduction in their partners’ snoring.

Now, we’re on the market and helping snorers across the country take their sleep back! Given the Patney’s unique patented design, customisability, and easy shipping, our sleep positioner pillow offers some serious value for money!

In fact, we’re so confident about our proven product that we offer a 30-night money-back guarantee. There’s no risk for you, just the prospect of a restful night’s sleep.

Try the Patney for yourself today.

This is the snoring remedy you’ve been waiting for. We invite you to review our website and read the wonderful of (unsolicited) testimonials for a window into how the Patney can change your life and pick up the best anti snoring device NZ has to offer today.