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Step-by-step guide to control my snoring

Step-by-step guide to control your snoring

Step One: Realisation

Do you ever get that startled feeling in the middle of the night and suddenly you're wide awake? Does this happen numerous times a night?

Well, you might not even be aware, but you may suffer from a very common condition we all know as snoring, or more seriously sleep apnoea, and you’re certainly not alone. According to a study conducted by Sovereign Services Limited, a third of kiwis are sleep deprived – that’s one in three kiwis! This is a huge number! Why are we not talking about this?

Well, unless you share your bed with someone that’s continually irritated by this common household problem you may not even be aware you snore or what causes snoring. Snoring occurs when the flow of air from your nose and mouth makes the airway tissue vibrate, which can be caused by the narrowing of the airway or an obstruction. There are two common causes for your airway to be obstructed – the weight around your neck pressing on your airway, or your genetic makeup, or perhaps you’ve been blessed with both.

Step Two: Awareness

According to the latest statistics on obesity rates from the Ministry of Health, one in three kiwis are overweight so we weren’t surprised by the correlation that one in three kiwis snore. So, if you’re reading this at your work desk or sitting in a café it’s highly likely the person right next to you could well be a snorer as well… our concern is that one in three kiwis don’t realise the severity associated with sleep deprivation, a common pitfall of snoring. Because of my genetic makeup, gifted to me by my mother, I have been a habitual snorer for as long as I can remember. So, I have experienced first-hand the:

  • 2pm meetings where I struggled to keep my eyes open
  • Always being tired
  • Frustration from my husband whose sleep was interrupted
  • Embarrassment of sleeping away from home that someone might hear me - tramping was certainly off the 'to do' list

Step Three: Acceptance

The reality is, mornings are too often defined by the night that preceded them and if you’re a snorer, or a bed partner of a snorer, mornings can have a different tenor. But I don’t want to dwell on the negatives here, in fact, at Patney we believe a good night sleep leads to a great day, so I have been working for the past four years to design a solution.

Step Four: Solution

Introducing the Patney Sleep Positioner, an effective, non-invasive and comfortable solution to control your snoring. I have been using my Patney for over four years now and I wouldn’t go anywhere without it. It is my best friend. The reason it has taken me so long to introduce it to you is because I don’t do anything by halves and I wanted a credible study conducted to ensure it works well, and as you may be able to guess, it does. The Patney has undergone independent validation testing by the WellSleep Centre, Otago University.

I am so confident about the Patney that we offer a Patney Promise – a 30-day money back guarantee. Refer to our return policy for full details.

Step Five: Happy Family

Lastly, you don’t have to take my word for it – here’s what people who use the Patney Sleep Positioner say about it.

“It’s comfortable to sleep on and unbelievably effective. I have no hesitation in recommending it.” Peter, Lyall Bay, New Zealand

“Thank you for making the amazing Patney, I am a proud owner." Caroline Sherbourne, Wellington, New Zealand

“I often used to wake up with back and neck pain but since I’ve been using my Patney the pain is completely gone.” Lesley Viner, Hamilton, New Zealand

"The Patney is magic. I have had uninterrupted sleep (no snoring) since receiving the sleep positioner .” Andrew, Wellington, New Zealand

Based on my experience, I highly recommend it to anyone suffering from snoring." Tony Kane, Hamilton, New Zealand

I wake up feeling refreshed each morning and have noticed a reduction in soreness in both back and neck." Nick Childs, Hamilton, New Zealand

“The Patney has been the perfect solution for me. I've had 3 great nights' sleep since I started using it and have spent my re-energised days telling everyone how good the Patney is!” Anne Bennett, Matangi, New Zealand

“I used to wake myself up, with my snoring, during the night and then I would read. Now I sleep right through – it’s absolutely wonderful, I can't believe the difference it has made.” Lesley Middlemiss, Chatto Creek, New Zealand