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For those who are accustomed to sharing a bed with a regular snorer, you know all too well the frustrating and negative effect snoring has on you, whether you are having to escape to another room half way through the night or endure the supersonic snoring next to you. But can snoring infiltrate more than your household and have an impact on your career? A recent employment law case has shown snoring can lead to conflict, loss of employment and an expensive outcome for an employer.

As recorded in a recent Employment Relations Authority (ERA) decision, two employees were sharing a motel unit for a night in preparation for working in Hamilton the next day. The two employees were sleeping in one motel room and it appears that one of the employees began snoring at such volume that his colleague threatened to ‘kill’ him if the snoring continued.

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The Snorer was so disturbed by the threat of violence being used against him, that he left the motel room and retreated to his car for the night. After a night trying to sleep in his car, The Snorer was so tired that he needed to spend the next day resting as he was not fit to go to work.

After this event the employer deemed The Snorer an unfit employee and he was not offered any further work. Apparently quite upset about this, given he was trying to placate his workmate by moving his snoring to his car, The Snorer decided to dispute the matter. Upon an investigation, it was decided by the ERA that the Snorer had been unjustifiably dismissed and he was subsequently awarded $10,000 compensation for humiliation and injury to feelings.

At Patney, we hear many tales of unhappiness caused by snoring in a domestic relationship and affecting people’s entire lifestyle. The really good news is, the Patney Sleep Positioner has fixed the snoring problem for many grateful couples, as evidenced by the wonderful references and thanks we receive, many of which we have posted on our website:

Perhaps if The Snorer, who had to leave his motel room under a threat of violence, had been using a Patney, he would still have his job and his employer would be $10,000 better off.   

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