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'Sleep Tight’ - Patney Features In The September Next Magazine

Next Magazine September Cover

The September issue of Next Magazine features an article on how women are often too embarrassed to admit that they snore. 

In the article, Sarah Catherall looks at the scientific reasons why women struggle with sleep conditions and what they can do. Snoring results from the muscles in the throat relaxing when we are asleep. In some people, the muscles relax so much that the structures they support collapse and partially block the throat.

Frances talks about how the stereotypical snorer is perceived as a middle-aged, overweight man. However, she knows all too well that women also suffer, and being a petite woman herself, that genetics rather than weight can often come into play.

According to Angela Campbell, manager of Otago University Wellsleep Centre, female snoring is more common than we admit, and the condition affects around 30% of women. She says women commonly start snoring once they hit menopause, thought to be triggered by hormonal change.

Frances Anderson knows first-hand the impact snoring can have on female wellbeing and happiness. Frances found her snoring so problematic that she would avoid shared sleeping arrangements and even underwent surgery.

Last year, born out a refusal to accept the impact of snoring on her life, Frances launched Patney a clinically validated anti-snore sleep pillow. Developed over four years, Frances has refined and tested the Patney Sleep Positioner - a pillow that encourages the head and upper chest into the correct position to maintain an open airway and proper sleep posture. Clinically proven by the Otago University Wellsleep Centre, 89% of the partners of the people who completed the study reported a reduction in their partners snoring. 

Today almost half of the Patney Pillows are bought by women to solve their snoring problem. Approximately a third of these are sold to women who are shorter than 165cm and weigh less than 70kgs.

Hundreds of Kiwi women and their partners are now getting a quiet night of sleep because of Patney.

Further details on how Patney works can be found at or call one of our Patney coaches on 07 838 0844 for more information.