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Venturing out and about with Patney

In November we exhibited the Patney Sleep Positioner at the Sleep DownUnder Conference 17. The Patney piqued a lot of interest among the 450 delegates and they were generous in sharing their knowledge and expertise. The audience was made up of sleep specialists within Universities, Hospitals, physicians, physiologists and researchers.

The Sleep DownUnder Conference is set up to promote sleep health and sleep science in Australasia. This means to facilitate the professional development by providing education and training, fostering research and establishing clinical standards within the field.

It was important we exhibited Patney at this year’s conference to showcase the independent validation study the Patney underwent at the WellSleep Centre, Otago University (WellSleep). Their Patney ‘Abstract’ presented at the conference related to the WellSleep study of the Patney by Dr Angela Campbell, generated a lot of interest.

Frances at the Sleep DownUnder Conference 2017
Frances Anderson – Patney Managing Director and Founder at the Sleep DownUnder Conference 2017

The study proved the effectiveness of the Patney Sleep Positioner in reducing snoring in a population of habitual snorers and/or mild sleep apnoea patients – the results were really encouraging, they showed:

  • Patney improved sleep quality
  • Bed partners reported less restlessness, less snoring and improved sleep
  • 89% of people who completed the study reported a reduction in their partner's snoring when using the Patney sleep positioner
Meet the WellSleep Team
James Miller - Research Physiologist, Dr Angela Campbell – WellSleep Centre Manager
and Frances Anderson