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Snore lab app - Tracey Fraser beats snoring


At Patney, we love to hear that we're making a difference in our customer's lives and that they're getting fantastic results from their Patney pillow.

Recently one of our lovely customers conveyed her incredible success story with us, and we thought you'd like to hear about her positive results.

Tracey Fraser from Napier started using her Patney Pillow for the first time on the 16th of May and sharing her delight with us after her first week.

"Definitely worth the investment. I have tried everything from throat sprays to gadgets for my mouth and nose and even endured unsuccessful minor surgery twice. A week after receiving my pillow, I am a total convert. A whole week of uninterrupted sleep for both myself and my husband, am still pinching myself. We should have done this sooner."

Now, after nearly five months, Tracey once again shares a real-life snapshot of how sleeping on a Patney pillow has dramatically improved her lifestyle.

After downloading the ‘Snore Lab’ app, Tracey has been recording her progress nightly.

“ The app just does its thing during the night, with the phone plugged in beside the bed, screen side down. I wanted something tangible to see how things were going. I already felt better, but it’s very cool to have facts and figures to back this up.

Thought I would share two screenshots with you, the proof is in the pudding...or should I say the proof is in the Patney Pillow. 🙂

My first night with the pillow and last night... how cool is this.”

    Tracey Fraser before patney      Tracey Fraser sleeping with patney

Thanks again Tracey (and her husband 🙂)

The results clearly show a significant drop in Tracey’s Snore Score, which is a measure of her snoring intensity. They showed a dramatic reduction in volume and length of time snoring

This is a wonderful story about the Patney solving a snoring problem, and we are confident it could do the same for you, as our anti-snore solution did for this lady. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any feedback. Also if you or your partner are snorers, take advantage of our Patney Promise - 30-day back money guarantee on your Patney Sleep Pillow.

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