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Non-invasive snoring solution helps Rachel break her life-long relationship with snoring

During the first week that I used the Patney, as soon as I woke up I would excitedly ask my husband, “Did I snore?” and every morning he replied, “I didn’t hear you”.

Patney anti-snore pillow - stop snoring today

Rachel Kerr writes: I have a vivid memory of being eight years old and listening to a recording of myself snoring, made by my older brothers and sisters while I dozed on the couch. Obviously, my siblings did it to torture me, but that recording had the opposite affect – I ended up accepting the fact that I am a snorer and there is nothing I can do about it. 

Of course, there were times as I grew up that my nocturnal nasal melodies were commented on, joked about, railed against – but what could I do? I wasn’t interested in spending large (or small) amounts of money on “cures” that wouldn’t make the slightest difference. 

I’ve had a lifelong relationship with other less-than-desirable nasal activities (hay fever, chronic sinusitis). So the fact that I was always tired, needed more sleep than everyone around me, and frequently had cricks in my neck was just a part of life to me.

In February this year I started using the Patney, and for the first time, I realised just how far reaching the affects of my snoring were. Sure, it took two or three nights to get used to sleeping on the Patney but I quickly adjusted to the structure of the pillow and positioning, and now I am lost without it. 

I spent the first week using the Patney excitedly asking my husband as soon as we woke up, “Did I snore?” and every morning he replied, “I didn’t hear you”. This was a total 180 from the constant, “You sounded like a tractor/train/chainsaw last night” that I was used to hearing from him. 

I am just thrilled my sleep is more restful and I have more energy throughout the day. The only time I wake with a crick in my neck is when I’m staying away from home and have forgotten to take my Patney with me! – I’m one very happy customer.

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