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Listen to our radio interview with Heather du Plessis Allan on NewstalkZB

Heather Du Plessis-allan Drive

Almost half of the adult population consider they don’t sleep well. Are you one of these people? I was. As a chronic snorer I would wake up tired and with a dry mouth plus it was not good for relationships. I had surgery and tried every snoring device, nothing worked, so I set about designing and developing a solution.

The sleep positioner (pillow) has been clinically proven by the WellSleep Centre – Otago University

  • It works by ensuring your airway remains open and promotes good sleep posture
  • It’s Individualised specifically to your body size 
  • We have an 86% success rate in controlling snoring
  • And we are so confident that it will solve your snoring problem that we offer a 30-night money back guarantee. We take the risk

Our customers tell us the Patney has stopped or reduced their snoring dramatically. You too can be allowed back into the martial bed, wake up feeling fresh and not have to worry anymore about being humiliated and embarrassed by your snoring.